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SOULSAXPLUS 'Green Rebellion'
The heart of the Coromandel - wrapped in soul, latin, blues & reggae - by NZ duo SoulSaxPlus - a timeless album of original New Zealand sax music honouring the boundless beauty of this part of the planet..

Green Rebellion  
Green songs from the goldfields Bush-house Jazz With Attitude
A SoulSaxPlus Production 1993

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No To The Mine
R U Awake?
Elvie Lee
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Written over 15 years living at Kirehe Point, Whitianga, East Coromandel Peninsula, these songs reflect my growing awareness of our need to live more in harmony with this beautiful land. I dedicate them to my parents and unborn grandchildren, and to the ongoing struggle against mining and other environmental devastation.

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PAUL LEE: Tenor and soprano saxophone, clarinet and vocals, Korg T3 Workstation sequences.
"Electronic Saxophone" Yamaha WX7 wind midi controller, vocals and percussion. Major support and inspiration.
Very special thanks to
Engineer Bill Rogers of Mercury Sound

Special Guest Jorma Lee
(guitar on 'Home')

Cover booklet design
computer graphics

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